Francesco Vacchiano

foto-mia-3Francesco Vacchiano is an anthropologist and a clinical psychologist with interests in migration, medical and psychological anthropology, European borders and boundaries, bureaucracies and politics of citizenship, as well as societies and institutions in North Africa. He has joined research and clinical practice in the applied fields of mental health and migration (ethnopsychology), carrying out his professional activity in Italy and Portugal. He has made research in Morocco, Tunisia and in Southern Europe on some of the main profiles of the contemporary human mobility (‘unaccompanied minors’, refugees and ‘victims of trafficking’) and on the policies and practices of their inclusion/exclusion.
He is currently studying the expectations related to activism and social participation in North Africa.
He has taught in programs in anthropology, psychology, social working, Mediterranean and North African studies in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.
He is principal investigator of the exploratory project Globally Sensitive: Revolt, Citizenship, and Expectations for the Future in North Africa, funded by the Portuguese research council (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, 2015-2020).
He is also the scientific coordinator of the action-research initiative “Integra. Entre a biomedicina e as terapias locais: olhares cruzados sobre a Saúde Mental em Moçambique”, funded by the FIAM programme of the Italian International Cooperation Fund (2015-2018).

Interesses de investigação e orientação: migration and asylum; borders; medical and psychological anthropology; immigrants’ reception; Morocco; Tunisia; Middle East and North Africa.

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