Cristiana Bastos

Cristiana BastosCristiana Bastos (CUNY 1996) is an anthropologist with an interest in history, medicine, healing practices, knowledge systems, colonialism, migrations, displacement, urbanities, and all the combinations of the above. She worked on settlements and migration cycles in the Algarve (Os Montes do Nordeste Algarvio, Cosmos, 1993), the AIDS epidemic in Brazil and the USA (Global Responses to AIDS, Indiana University Press, 1999) colonial medicine in Goa ( A Circulação do Conhecimento, ICS, 2013), sex, sifilis and assistance in early 20th century Lisbon (Clínica, Arte e Sociedade, ICS, 2013), spas and healing waters (Healing Holidays, Routledge, 2014), and also on colonial hospitals and on Madeiran settlers in Africa. She is currently interested on labour migrations between empires and on the circulation of low intensity technologies. She is a member of ICS since 1990 and has taught in different programs of anthropology, public health and Portuguese-Brazilian studies in the United States, Brazil and Portugal.