Chiara Pussetti

Chiara PussettiChiara Pussetti (PhD in Cultural Anthropology, University of Turin, Italy, 2003) has lectured at graduate and post-graduate levels in Italy, Portugal, and Brazil. She has conducted extensive fieldwork on public health policy; urban regeneration, creativity and public art; representations of race and racism; gender, emotions and body; social vulnerability, exclusion and discrimination in Guinea Bissau, Portugal and Brazil. She is a founding member of the EBANOCollective, a non-profit artistic and curatorial collective that makes interventions in the public space based on social research, technological innovation and community engagement. She has continuously engaged with dissemination activities, bridging the academic knowledge and civil society in the form of training courses for health professionals, consulting activities for municipal authorities and policy-makers, and art exhibitions. Until 2017 she has been team member of 10 national and international research projects. Currently, she coordinates as PI of the ICS-ULisboa team the project H2020 ROCK Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities.

Interesses de investigação e orientação: medical anthropology; anthropology of the body, gender and emotions; urban anthropology; migration studies; ethnography-based art; post-human studies.

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