Ricardo Moreira

Contemporary biomedicine, scientific collections and the question of human diversity.

The aim of this project is to explore the re-emergence of racial forms of classification along with other biological categories within the context of molecular medicine and genetics, as well as to inquire the role of collecting samples and biobanking in it. It will address knowledge production practices, the creation of bio-economical value and the negotiation of identity within the genetic and biomolecular regimes of knowledge. The materiality of biobanks as archives will be taken as a ground of departure for questioning the role of scientific, bio-economical and bio-political action in the production of the contemporary configurations of human diversity.

Palavras-chave: biomedical collections; biomolecular sciences; human diversity; laboratory ethnography; genetic identity.

Especialidade: Antropologia da Saúde

Orientadora: Cristiana Bastos (ICS, ULisboa)
Coorientador: Ricardo Roque (ICS, ULisboa)

Registo DGES: 2015

Financiamento: ERC, bolsa de doutoramento do projecto COLOUR, coordenado por Cristiana Bastos (ERC Advanced Grant #695573).

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Email: ricardo.moreira@ics.ulisboa.pt