Francesca De Luca

Francesca De LucaTese
Dura Mater: A genealogy of childbirth pain in Portuguese obstetrics.

This thesis focuses on how pain in childbirth has been constituted in the clinical setting, carrying out a genealogy of pain that goes back to the first applications of anaesthesia in childbirth (1848) and tracing a political history of Portuguese obstetrics that spans the 20th century to nowadays. By focusing on the practices and knowledge produced around the labouring body over time, the research aims at disclosing the complexity of pain as a locus in which histories, politics, affects and soma concur at once. The ethnography comprises fieldwork in the Maternal Department of a University Hospital in Lisbon and archival research in several medical settings of the city – the premises of old maternal wards and hospitals, hospital libraries and archives.

Palavras-chave: pain; childbirth; labour; obstetrics; Lisbon.

Especialidade: Antropologia da Saúde

Orientadora: Chiara Pussetti (ICS, ULisboa)
Coorientadora: Cristiana Bastos (ICS, ULisboa)

Registo DGES: 2014

Financiamento: FCT, bolsa SFRH/BD/93020/2013.

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