Francesca Cancelliere

Bare: Surviving with AIDS in Maputo.

This research project wants to create forms of visibility for the young subjects living with HIV in zones of marginality and social exclusion. Throughout this work, I’ll examine the politics of surviving and dying around AIDS in Mozambique and how they affect seropositive children and adolescent. Some of the questions that guide my ethnographic investigation include:  What influences adherence to treatment among the young population? What happens when social and medical support are weak or inexistent? How do young people understand and negotiate medical services?  Which are the perspectives of surviving and dying with dignity?
I follow the everyday life of 10 children and adolescents with HIV considered by the health sectors as “bad” adherents. The logic behind some patients’ seemingly irrational resistance to the medicalization of their everyday life through the ART regime becomes comprehensible when we take into account a broad history where cultural, social and medical factors affect the daily opportunities to stay in treatment and struggle for survival.

Palavras-chave: AIDS; Mozambique; survival; medical anthropology; anthropology of the body.

Especialidade: Antropologia da Saúde

Orientadora: Cristiana Bastos (ICS, ULisboa)
Coorientador: Francesco Vacchiano (Universidade Ca’ Foscari, Veneza)

Registo DGES: 2016

Financiamento: FCT, bolsa SFRH/BD/115356/2016.

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